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We buy, sell and trade used pinball's--why buy a pinball machine or two or three?
With only one manufacturer making very few new pinball's, and the big ones like Bally and Williams out of business, pinball's are getting harder to find. The past years have seen steady increasing prices with the average used machine gaining almost 3% a year.
Pinball's are very fun to play because every time you play one it is different. Some games are very popular only because of low production numbers (like Cactus Canyon--only 925 produced). However, there are many under-valued games that are great fun to play and very affordable. Buy one and you'll understand what all the fuss is about.

A GREAT investment -  you can play with !

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We have the following pinball machines for sale:  (feel free to make an offer on any) WE HAVE THE BEST PRICES for the quality of pin you get !!   The lesser priced pins are at the bottom of the page!!!!! We love to trade and make unusual deals.      Large Discounts when you buy THREE or more at one time!!! Give us a try and you'll be happy you did!

 Now Buying Pins!!  E-mail With what you have and the condition and price. I will make you a good deal!!!!

Cactus Canyon-The Very Best CC You will find!! Bar none!! Bally 1999 -  Very few plays since a complete shop job. One of the very few prototypes out there! This is a collector item!! You will not be Disappointed at all!! Only 925 made !  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo Photo Photo Photo  Photo  Photo Photo Photo Sold !!!
Medieval Madness - Williams 1997 - This MM is really good cond!! 100% working !  Cab= great Playfield= great looks real good!    New Dragon Wings   .Plays 100% shows no errors! Only 4000 made!   Photo   Photo  Photo  Photo  Sold !!!
Monster Bash - Williams 1998 - A nice Monster Bash! Has the usual out hole wear (see Photo), and cab. decal wrinkles at the legs. The plastic around the display is warped a little.  Playfield is very good. Cab has only very minor dings. Plays great! A very fun pin and one that every one wants! Will not go down in value!  Only  3350 made. Photo Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  $5300
Tales of the Arabian Nights - Williams 1996 - This is my very FAVORITE pinball of all. I was going to keep it but now I'm ready to sell it!! This one is the Best one I have had! It is really nice! needs nothing! Shows no errors. The play field is great and every thing works!! Only 3125 made !  Photo   Photo  Photo Photo  Photo   Photo  Photo Photo Sold !!!
Addams Family - Bally 1994 -   Plays 100% and Cab is very good with very little rash. Playfield is very good. This is a nice AF no junk here !!    Photo   Photo  Photo   Photo $4200
Star Wars Episode I    Williams Pinball 2000 -4600 made. If you have been looking for a all most perfect "Episode I" You have found it !! It was on a route for a very short time and then in storage. It really looks new and HUO. I can't find anything wrong with it !! It plays 100% and very fun!  Photo  Photo Photo Photo  Photo $3500
Attack From Mars - Bally 1995 - 3425 made. This AFM is very nice Cab=great Plays=100% playfield=great. Minor out hole wear, only minor nicks in Cab,  2 minor wear spots, and very fun and funny pin   Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo   $5200
Scared Stiff - Bally 1996 - only 3250 made! A keeper ready for your add-ons. One of the most sought after pins and endless fun! This one is in very good cond!  Very nice. Playfield=good   Plays=great cab=minor dings not faded. Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  $4800
Theatre of Magic - Bally 1995 - 6575 made. Avery nice TOM Cab=very good Playfield=very good Plays 100% TOM is a great pin that you can buy extra add-on's to make it even more fun! Photo   Photo Photo   $4800
Indiana Jones - Williams 1993 - 12,725 made. This IJ playfield is in very good cond! and the pin plays 100% the cab has small dings, slight fading and someone has filled the lock down bar holes,pin is very good all in all and only needs a good cleaning. IJ is a very fun pin with a lot of video modes and a smaller elevated playfield. Has Bi-Plane motor installed and I have a new decal for the front. Photo Photo Photo Photo   Photo $4500
Twilight Zone  - Bally 1993 - This TZ is in   good cond!. Every one wants a TZ for the game room. Very fun and can be hard to master pin! The game plays 100%. 12,926 Made  Photo  Photo Photo  Photo Photo Photo     $4700
Junk Yard - Williams 1996 -  Great playing fun pin! Great Condition and working 100%  You should really try a Junk Yard it is much better than you think it would be !  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  $3200
 Lethal Weapon 3 - Data East 1992 -  This LW3 is in very good cond. and a fun pin to play with different video modes to make it even more fun.  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  $2200
 Game Show - Bally 1990 -  Win a new car or a cruse on Bally Game show!!  Fun to play. Very good cond. and working 100%.  I like this pin...  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  $2000
 Taxi - Williams 1988 - This Lola version has mylar on the playfield and is in good cond. Classic collectable pin.  Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo  $2000
Dirty Harry.. $1800
 Videos   Make offer !!  
 Crusin USA -  Great Driving Game. Plays great a lot of fun will trade!! --- Sold !!

 Lethal Enforcer - 2 gun game..needs a power supply   ---  Sold !!

Miss Packman $800
Golden Tee 99


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